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FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 9:00pm EDT
killed and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit japan shifted 8 feet. 15 minutes later 30-foot waes smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretched across the pacific and in its wake cass indicating nuclear crisis spins out of control. hello, i am shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan for fox news reporting. the nation of 127 million people faces what the prime minister says is the most severe crisis since world war ii. japan is no stranger to disaster both man-made and natural. in 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. today the nuclear melt down is having global repercussions threatening lives the economy and the environment. in the midst of it all the human spirit to survive endures. a look at how the first ten-days of this disaster in japan unfolded on fox news. >> march 11th, 2011 it was just a normal day in japan. in the middle of the night in the united states. >> the union bosses who have played such a huge role apparently -- >> this is a fox news alert. from new york i am marianne rafferty. breaki
FOX News
Mar 20, 2011 3:00pm EDT
is we don't have much of a cushion of supply of oil in the world. we've got japan going on which is an issue. also the entire middle east is grappling with the problem of what to do with their oil, what to do with democracy. we don't have that much oil to play with, but saudi arabia could definitely make up what libya gives up, but they are in precarious position themselves. >> eric: we have a chart looking back from february 16th when the unrest in libya begin, look at that, going north, zooming right up and that is regular unleaded. >> guess what that ends on the 20th. we haven't even started the summer driving season. think we were at 4.11 was the high. i know very good oil traders that we may very well may be. >> eric: this ends quickly in libya? >> quicker the better. >> harris: we are tracking the breaking developments in libya right now. tripoli under assault. that is the capitol city. we'll talk live to a correspondent there. new developments in the nuclear crisis in japan. a major setback for japanese engineers trying to contain a possible felt after the earthquake and t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2